Your Hotel near Nürburgring Nordschleife


We are hearty welcome you at the Berghotel Hohe Acht



Our Hotel is located at the highest point of the Eifel Mountains at an altitude of approx 2450 ft. in a hiking area.

Our Hotel is less than four miles away from the entance Touristenfahrten and  the Grand Prix Course of Nurburg race track.

The official Entrance for “Touristenfahrten” Tourist Drives Northloop Nuerburgring “Nordschleife” is just five minutes away from our guesthouse.  Alternative you can do a ride at  a funny road to Breidscheid, the “second” entrance of the “Green Hell”

It is a good idea  to warm up the engine and tires from your car or motorcycle before go to the Nordschleife.

So you can enjoy your first lap in the morning.

You can walk to the legendary Nordschleife with Brünnchen. Pflanzgarten Hedwigshöhe , Karussell und Steilstrecke .

Our Hotel offers accommodation in a nice location not far away from Nuerburg and Adenau.

Action at the Nürburgring race track and retreat in the Berghotel.